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Government Power
Friday, 20 January 2006
The Government and its Power
J. Smith 2005

The Government and Its Power

The Declaration of Independence legally freed us from the bonds of English Domination. This great noble document guaranteed the citizens of the new country certain inalienable rights. We fought a long hard struggle to gain our freedom, for freedom was the noble goal for what we fought. As the ink on the treaty of Paris was drying so was the so called freedom for what we fought. Even as the U.S. government was wailing its first crys it demanded nourishment and demanded that its citizens care for it and serve its every whim.
Under the articles of Confederation the central government was weak and that of the individual states strong. The baby government knew it needed to grow to survive. After several crisis it appeared reasonable that a Constitution must be written. The weak confederation died its last gasps and succumbed to the growing toddler we call Uncle Sam. The were specific powers given to the government as well as the power to review itself and for it to grow and change. There were even a “Bill of Rights” thrown in to appear to give the people a say, but they were so open to interpitation that as the government grew it could get the power it needed not only to survive, but to thrive off the backs of its citizens and the so called rights were open to judicial review, aththe whim of the temporary masters of the government elected to office, but the real master was and still is the concept of government itself every rule that is conceived and passed can be interpited to give the central government more power. The 10th amendment says those powers not specifically stated in the constitution are granted to the states. The constitution is a living document and can be interpetid to maintain control and gain even more control. There are times when the watchful caretakers keep the child in line, but there will always be a time when others will put personal gain ahead of the rights of citizenry, they will take the stand” There ought to be a law….” or they might say we are doing this for the benefit of the people some one has to watch out for them let the government do it. The Governemntnchild is like any youngster the more it can get the better of it feels and power is addictive.
At one time there was a rebellion against the growing monster. It was put down to appease the masses and this established the child as the dominant growing force in the country. The citizens worked and toiled under the evil of the sweatshops of the late 19th century. In the early twentieth century laws were passed to “help” the people was theis done to really help people or to make them more productive to make more nourishment for ever growing child. The citizens fought a war and emerged the child as a power in the world with an ever growing economy, Then came illness the non substantive gains of the 1920’s collapsed and the child fell into depression.
Did this stop the power grab? NO! The government let out a spiked tentacle in the shap of a helping hand a said,” I’m here to help”. It was there to help alright, to help its self to a little more control. The powere grab has continued. WWII, The Cold War, The civil rights movement all have given the government more opportunity to gain power. Some times it was done for good and noble reasons, sometimes not . It has always been a acquisition of power, not a release of power. Even when it appears to give more rights to the people, new laws and regulation arise. The government simple does not give up power. It might transform it to another source, where it can get better leverage, but it doesn’t give it up. That is why we the negative find this resolution that the U.S. Federal Government should give up power to be a fanciful pipe dream that has no basis in reality.

Posted by wombatpolitics at 6:03 AM CST

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